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Hybrid |RQ| by catIord
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Or perhaps even surprise art of a character of yours or one you like?

A request/commission??
Send it through here, I'll be sure to get it done.
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1. Name:

2. Nickname(s)?:

3. Gender and pronouns?:
Female, but call me what ever.

4. Age?:
17 and tired

5. When is your birthday?:
April 10

6. Nationality:

7. Race:
Butwhoreallycares, at the end of the day we're all human

8. Have any special features?:

9. How tall are you?:
Somewhere between 5'6" and 5'8"
I haven't checked in a while.

10. Body type?:
Chubby, but healthy. Orsomethinglikethatidk

11. Do you have any moles / freckles?:
Too many than I'd care for

12. Do you have any significant scars, birth marks or other marks on your body?
Cat scratches on my wrist. A bitch to explain.

13. Do you wear glasses?:

14. If not, do you wear contact lenses?:
In costume circumstances, I want to.

15. Have any facial hair?:
Aheh-- Not really.

16. If not, would you like to have facial hair?:
If I had a dick, probably.

17. Do you regularly shave your legs or arms?:

18. Are your ears pierced and how old were you when you got them pierced?:

19. Do you have any other piercings / body modifications?:
n u

20. Do you have any tattoos? If so, how many and what are they?:
N u

21. Is your hair currently its natural color? Or is it dyed?:
Dyed, but it's mostly natural colours again.

22. What color is your hair right now?
Copper brown and red.

23. Is your general outward expression masculine or feminine, or is it more androgynous? What do strangers most often recognize you as?:
A mix between masculine and feminine, but definitely more feminine despite almost always wearing 'boys clothes'.

24. Skin tone:
I literally glow in the right lighting, so you tell me.

25. Do you wear make up?:
Only if I have to.


26. Do you prefer to have many friends or hold close just a few good friends?:

27. Do you have a best friend? What's their name? (List as few or as many as you'd like):
MyLittleAssassin, StripedKnives, others

28. How / where did you meet your best friend(s) and for how long have you been friends?:
FeralHeart with Sassle, and right here on dA with Stripe

29. Do you still live with your parents?:

30. Are your parents still married?:
My mother never married, actually

31. Were you raised by your biological parents or were you adopted?:
Hopefully biological

32. Do you get along with your parents?:
It's a 50/50

33. How about with the rest of your extended family?:
Rarely see them, so I have no clue anymore.

34. Do you have any pets? If so, how many?:
Does pet sitting the neighbours cat count?

35. Do you prefer to have cats, dogs or both (or neither)?:
Both, but more so cats. I'malittlebitafraidofdogs

36. Are there any animals you don't have but would like to have someday?:
Snek, or birb

37. Do you have any siblings?:

38. If so, how many?:
Technically 2, but biologically, 1.

39. Are you an only child, the youngest, oldest or the middle child?:
Technically middle, biologically the youngest.

40. If you have a sibling / siblings, do you get along with them? What's your relationship with them like?:
Little brother, not so much. He'sthreatenedtokillmetwicesohehnothanks
Older brother, we can literally start talk about school work and somehow get into conversation about drugs and the meaning of life. So pretty good.

41. Are you in a relationship?:
Oh hey-- I am. How'dthathappen

42. What's your romantic / sexual orientation?:
Gay/Lesbian, Bi maybe-- ... Aromantic

43. Are you monogamous or polyamorous?:
Monogamous from what I know

44. If you're in a relationship, what's your partner's name?:

45. Are they a boy or a girl?:
They have tits. So yeh, grill.

46. How long have you been together?:
Little over a month by now.

47. Where did you meet them?:

48. How long have you known them?:
Over two years? I lost count

49. Is your significant other your best friend?:

50. Are you long-distance or do you live close to them?:
Long-distance as hell and it hurts.

51. If you're long-distance, have you ever met them in person?:
Nope, not yet, but planning to~

52. Have you had your first kiss?:
Earlier in my life with someone else, ye.

53. What's your favorite thing about your partner(s)?:
Personality... everything

54. Are you happy in your relationship?:

55. How many exes do you have?:
1... sort of... wasn't even a proper relationship but still. I guess it counts.


56. Do you have a collection of anything? Or would you like to collect something in the future?:
Stuffed animals, sort of. Do hoodies count?

57. Do you have a job?:
Not yet, but I'm looking.

58. If so, where do you work or are you self-employed?:
Ehh-- if I was more well known in the art community, I could probably be self-employed and sell my bullshit.

59. Last person you called:
That's funny, don't have a phone. Though if voicechat counts, my grillfrond

60. Do you use alcohol?:
Nupe, though I am legal age in some provinces next year.

61. Do you use tobacco?:
Nope, but I'm around it a lot and despise it.

62. Do you use any other (currently) illegal substance(s)?:

63. What's your favorite food and drink?:
//Shifty eyes/
I have no favourite food.
But my drug is Iced Tea

64. What type of clothing do you wear most often (Tshirts, hoodies / sweatshirts, etc.)?:
Sweat pants, and baggy hoodies.

65. What color is your underwear?
But if none?

66. What's your favorite type of kind of pants to wear (shorts, sweatpants, joggers, skinny jeans and so on)?:
Whatever the fuck's comfortable

67. Favorite television and / or Netflix shows?:
Oh boy-- I've fallen out of a lot of shows I used to like, though I keep up with them due to some interest still. But most recent show is Over the Garden Wall.

68. Do you play video games? What are some of your favorites?:
//Nervous sweating/
Ilovethem but my PC is shit and can barely run them, I'm stuck with a PS3, have a 'new' 3DS and oh ye-- I'm broke. Casually though with what I can play, Kirby Planet Robobot, Pokemon Sun, Sims 3, Sims 4, Portal and Portal 2, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time.

69. Do you prefer to play games on consoles or PC?:
Both?? ?

70. Favorite movie genre(s)?:
Action, comedy, horror, documentary, animation, science fiction, fantasy... just a few.

71. Have any favorite movie movies to watch?:
//More nervous sweating/
I just enjoy it and never have preferences as to what's better.

72. What kind of deodorant / perfume / cologne do you wear?:
How about I don't tell you that.

73. Favorite soda(s):

74. Do you eat sweets? What's your favorite candy?:
Milk duds maybe

75. Ever done anything illegal?:
Not that I know of, but there's weird as fuck laws that no one knows about, so maybe.


76. Religious / spiritual beliefs (if applicable):

77. Do you attend any sort of religious services regularly (like church)?:

78. Do you believe in a higher power (god / gods, spiritual beings, some sort of creator)?:
If there is, they've fucked me over multiple times.

79. How about evil? Do you believe in demons, the devil or other inherently malicious beings?

80. Angels and demons?

81. Ghosts and / or other crypids?

82. How about aliens?
It's pretty likely, we can't be the only ones out there

83. Pro-life ("Abortion is murder") or pro-choice ("Women should have the right to abort unwanted offspring")?:
Pretty sure I'm standing on pro-choice as of the moment. For some obvious reasons of course.

84. What country do you live in and what is your political stance?:
Canada, and as much as I'm all for equality and can technically be considered on left-wing, it's sketchy ground so I don't know.

85. Do you believe in witches, witchcraft and / or magic?:
Possibly, I know a lot of people into it, even my own grillfrond. So ye

86. Do you believe in equal rights among all people of all shapes, sizes, color, gender, sexuality and beliefs?:
All the fucking way. Sortof--
Like-- there's some skeptical 'sexualities' rising, mostly pertaining pedophilia, and I sure as hell don't stand behind that.

87. Do you believe that keeping wild animals in zoos, aquariums or as pets is right or wrong?:
Yes and no. Yes if they're being kept for conservation needs and properly cared for. Otherwise, I'm not sure.

88. Thoughts on the death penalty?:
Put it like this. It's good if there's proof behind someone being excessively violent. You don't want them re-offending. Possibly even if the cause is a mental issue, like violent schizophrenia, but that can be handled by more passive means, yes. And if it can, go ahead.

89. Thoughts on Donald Trump?:
Ehm-- the carrot guy with a moth caterpillar on his head?
Gave him benefit of the doubt in the beginning, but seeing how he's been treating people after all these natural disasters, and how he's handling some other issues. I'm not having much faith.
But hey, if you're with him, that's alright.

90. Should marijuana be legalized for medical and / or recreational use?:
I literally have no opinion on this.

91. What are your views on humans creating organic, artificial life?

92. What about immortality? What are your views on humans searching for the key to eternal life?:
Figure that shit out once we can populate other planets, thanks.

93. Thoughts on overpopulation, what do you think we should do?:
It's out of hand yes, but with what we can do, I'm not too sure. But it seems Earth is having it's say with recent plague outbreaks and natural disasters.

94. Thoughts on the Flat Earth theory:
If you believe it, cool, I don't, but hey-- we're on the same planet. We're alive. Good to know we can stand on ground and not fly to our deaths.

95. Thoughts on birth-control:
Much good.

96. Is global warming a myth?:
Alright, let me science your ass.
Technically. Yes. But in reality, the more appropriate term is climate change. Not everything will get 'warmer'. But now here's to fact, the Earths climate is always changing naturally, albeit slowly and surely so animals can adapt to reasonable degrees. However, we humans came along and somehow sped up the process with pollution of varying types and fucked shit up.
So my stand on it, the term is certainly a myth. But what it's referring to? It's a real thing and not as scary as everyone is putting it out to be, it's not as extreme and not as immediate. Thoughgigantichurricanesshouldbeafairwarningwhenthey'resupposedtobe500yearsapartinoccurance

97. Are your beliefs more liberal or conservative?:

98. Do you believe in Santa Claus and other holiday-related beings?:
I wish I did.

99. Thoughts on pit bulls. Do you think they're too dangerous to be kept as pets and should be banned?:
God-- I commented on stuff about this a long while ago. Every animal is capable of being violent, for the most part, there are exceptions. But with dog breeds like pit bulls, it's all on how they're treated and trained. Yes, they can snap. But that goes for a lot of other dog breeds too. Like German Shepards, Rottweilers, Dalmatians, and even smaller dog breeds. So I mean, if you're willing to train these dogs well, peacefully and lovingly, by all means go ahead. Just be ready if something were to happen though.

100. Are you vegetarian or vegan?
Last I checked, not really.


101. Do you have your own computer?:
Ye, but it's shit.

102. Do you have a mobile phone of your own?:
I don't, but I wish I did, and I really fucking need one.

103. Do you sleep with any stuffed animals and do you have any favorite plush toys?:
I'll say yeah. But I seem to keep a Harp Seal stuffed animal with me when I go to bed.

104. What color is your bedset?:
Pastel blue and grey.

105. What is (are) your username(s)?:
Leapingshiver, ScotchBox, scotchthebox, Scotch The Box, ScotchedBadger. Old dA name, basically name for next to everything, Skype, Twitch and Youtube, and my Discord. In that order.
Fair warning, requests to my skype will not be accepted unless I actually know you close to personal terms.

106. Do you prefer to draw digitally, traditionally or do you do a bit of both?:

107. Do you draw (digitially) with a tablet, mouse, trackpad or by some other means?:
Wacom Intuos Sketch Tablet
It's okay, but it's breaking already, so I'll be getting a new one.

108. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
... Five-six years?

109. What was the first website you regularly visited when you first started using the internet?:
Club Penguin R.I.P

110. Favorite band(s)?:
//Nervous sweating strikes back/

111: What are some of your favorite songs right now?
A lot of Vocaloid

112. What platform / app do you use most often to listen to your music?:

113. Are you missing any fingers, toes or teeth?:

114. Ever go through a scene or emo phase?:

115. Are you still in school? What grade are you in?:
Yeppp, not saying what grade tho

116. Have you ever failed a class?:
Oh hell yeah, but that was because I was scared of either the teacher or the students.

117. Have you ever failed and had to repeat a whole grade?:
//Nervous squeak/

118. Ever been suspended?:
Came close to apparently.

119. Have you ever been fired or almost got fired from a job?:
If life counts as a job, almost fired all the time.

120. Have you moved away from your parents?:
... n o

121. Do go to college / plan to go to college?:
I don't even think I can handle much more school.

122. What color are your curtains?:
Blue and pastel yellow.

123. Ever broken a mirror?:
Multiple times.
when I was five.

124. What was your favorite thing to do as a child?
Play with boxes, sleep in boxes, throw dinosaur legs at people.

125. What color are the walls in your bedroom? Is there anything decorative on them?
with bug corpses on them

126. Do you have your own room or do you share it with somebody?
Own room, and it's the largest.~

127. Does your bedroom door have a lock on it?
Yeh, but it's installed backwards so it doesn't even work

128. Can you drive? Do you have your learners permit or license?:
I could, but I've got nothing saying I can. So no.

129. Do you like your ID / School ID photo?:

130. What material is the floor in your kitchen made of (wood, tile, fake wood, etc.)?:

131. What's your favorite book?:

132. Do you like cereal? What's your favorite kind?:
Honey Bunches of Oats
That's it.
Or Krave

133. What color is your wallet (if you have one)?:
It's literally just Legend of Zelda themed.

134. Do you like milk? Do you drink it straight from the carton?:
Sort of.

135. Tag some friends: 
Feel free.


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